Melaka, Ringo’s Foyer, Rooftop tarp project


When we arrived at the hostel a week ago, I met Howard the owner. He is a nice guy, very relaxed. He showed us what other cyclists and backpackers have done on the roof and any other places. They obviously done that roof protection that is a bit damaged today, just a bit. I offered my help and said to Howard that I would be happy to fix this. I’ve been working through a week, doing this 2 hours per day maybe. It was pretty chaotic at the beginning so I’ve decided to pull everything down and restarted from zero.


Before I’ve fixed the front right side. The back is not perfect but I will do it later if I feel like doing it.


The most important was this side which looks much better now (yes it’s fixed :-) I did not buy any new part but only recycled what I had. Howard show me around the tools and other spare parts I could use. It took me several days doing this by myself but I enjoyed :-) This is my first project at Ringo’s Foyer :-)

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