Melaka, last day (again)


We thought we would leave 3 days ago but we were not ready yet and took few more days to be prepared. At the same time I still have tonnes of work to do on this blog, trying to optimize the speed of it. So this is not that bad. Talking about the picture above. The first guy is Howard, the owner of this backpacker (The Ringo’s foyer) where I’ve spent the last month! Time is too quick! On my right hand side there is Juliano from Canada with who I’ve worked at the hostel, well I help sometimes because I was more focused on fixing the roof top. Finally this is Stephane, the French guy with who I’m going to share the road for a little while.


Juliano and myself ;-)


Aya (from Philipines) and Juliano.


Same two guys. That’s it for today. This time, for real, we leave tomorrow!

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