Mangakoni > Rotorua (82km, 4h40)

Today, I’m going to come back to Rotorua, in the same camp where I’ve so much difficulties to quit last week :-)


Haha I’m so lazy :-). I’ve took the same picture, from my tent so many times :-). But that’s the only thing I have so watch, the lake with the sailors on it. They aren’t in the picture but as yesterday they woke up me his morning before my alarm (7.30am). They never stop or what? Maybe they sleep on their boats, it’s possible hun!

The picture is so ugly but I’m ready to go and decide at the last time to catch this “café bus”, the only attraction of the place, with the sailors…

So, ready to ride! This time I won’t take the road but the cycle track. I misted it to came here because there wasn’t enough panels or I’m blind…

This track is much better than the road as the view :-)

With my trailer is not so easy to manage these short curves. That’s technical :-)

Hey! That’s the bridge I’ve seen two days ago from the road. This time, I’m on the right side, cool :-)

Right on it!

The view on the lake.

Fiou! I need a pause! The last part of the track was to steep for me with the trailer. I needed to push my bike…
Every time when I see a land escape like that I think about the original “Windows XP wallpaper” with the cows indeed this time haha!

That’s behind me. This part of the track was cool and beautiful.

I’m still next to the lake and still pushing my bike. I understand why kiwis call a “bicycle” a “push bike”!! So clear now!

Finally, after 12km I’m next to the dam again but this time I’m going to continue on the other side of the river.

So quiet there…

So noisy and powerful here!

From now, I will continue on the road.

Or maybe not… there is another part of the track along the river. It will ended around the halfway of my trip. End this place is another free camp. Wonderful place as well but maybe too much quiet, so dangerous.

I feel like I’m already on the south island even if I never been here I imagine it like this. It’s remind me France as well, some places in the Alpes.

Wide view :-)

I’ve decided going ahead by the track but a machine is certainly not far away because this shape’s trail seams fresh.

I was right, 10 minutes later I’m behind the workers. Hmm, no. I’m behind the worker because one of them is just playing with is ball… cool job man!? Need help?

I prefer the rack now. It’s less muddy and more beautiful but we have to wait for the nature work after the human one.

Pouhaa! That’s so slippery here! I must have pushed my bike often.


fiou! I’m on the half part of this second track and fortunately there is a break… I will continue by the road, 22km like this is enough for today and I have 80km to ride today to reach Rotorua! Keep energy.

That’s a huge mount but I’ve no idea if it’s a special place or not.
It’s started raining when I took the road and like every time when I decided to put my pants, the rain almost stopped rah!

40km, I need a break and dry my stuff. The sun is finally come back and that’s so good!

It was not so easy to find a place off of the main road. I was looking for a bench and a table but I’ve only found a little road.

And Finally, I’m back in my favourite camp :-). The one with all the dinosaurs. The William’s camp :-) I absolutely need a shower. All my clothes are clean now. Next mission : charge my batteries. I will stay only one night this time! No more!

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