Kuala Selangor Fireflies > Sungai Besar (65km, 4h)


We did not cycle much for that second day. The alarm rang at 6am but it was raining. Finally we left the place at 8am. We did not have any rain for the rest of the day. Today we manage to travel off the main road for the little while, it was nice, especially quiet until we reach a beach where there was a kind of Chinese event. So much things were going on: food places and other shops, kites. The traffic was jammed too. Glad we cycled further along the beach to have a nap :-)



This is the place where we slept last night. That’s a school. It was a bit too close from the principal road and a cat bother us for few hours last night. A part that, that was a good spot with water, toilets and even electricity!


It’s now eight, the rain has stopped, let’s go!


Later on the road. We are cycling on a parallel road of the main one. Nobody here. Good!


Red, blue and green.


More we go, more the road becomes narrow and quiet.


Tiny river.




Time for lunch. That’s 35 degrees now! We need some shade!


For lunch I have steamed rice, veges, egg and a fried thing. I don’t know what it is but it’s tasty. Plus one lime juice and one litchi drink, total cost 6.70 Ringgit :-)


On the map, I’ve seen a beach that seems good to see. Let’s have a look. We cycle along the river which is very crowded. This area is specialised in fishing. We’ve seen some guys spreading shrimps directly on the ground next to the road. It smelled so strong.


Another angle.


We arrived at the place on the beach. It was so crowded that we just past through and tried to find a more peaceful place. This track along the sea will do.


Oooh, that’s a good spot. I had a 3 hours nap. That was good :-)


Back to the main part of the beach. Well, there is a beach but it’s not a good idea to have a swim because the water is brown…


What does that mean? We love blabla…


I don’t understand what’s special about this place. We should have asked…


Let’s continue our trip through the bush.


We have seen few shops like this one since the last 10 minutes. I was looking for something sweet to eat but not these chips things. Finally, I did not find a proper supermarket so we tried one. Almost everything they make here is crispy. There is different dry fruits, some chips, some lollies and dozen of other stuff. That’s too much choices actually :-) I got some crispy chocolate flakes finally. There are good.

We kept cycling for another 5km and stopped at a fast food place to have dinner. Then we cycled another 15min in the city of Sungai Besar until we find a theatre. It’s like a big roof with an higher platform at one end. We pushed up the bike onto it and set up our open campsite for the night in a dark spot. The shower is around the corner, behind another building front of a car park. Well, the shower IS the carpark haha. Good night :-)

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  1. Is the red tree natural? or decorated ? It looks like a decoration with the red strings…
    The banner says “Place for good fishing and farming”( according to google)

    The lunch looks great, especially Okra!

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