Krabi area > Ao Nang beach (3km, 15min)


Finally yesterday night we cycle very close to the beach. We stopped before it and found a field with some trees around. It was very quiet. This morning we cycle down the last few kilometres and understood very quickly that we reached a touristy area. Normally we would spend 30 to 40 baht for a breakfast. This morning, it was 150… Ouch!


We are approaching the sea side.


That’s Ao Nang beach.


These boats are taxi boats. They are called “long-tail boat” because of the way the engine and the propeller are set up. The second hand engine is actually taking from a car or a truck. I will take a clear shot another day.


The beach.


Street decoration.


Some more long-tail boat.


You can see the size of the engine at the rear of the boat. The fact that they use a second hand car engine more than a normal mass product is for maintenance purpose. The cooling system is operated with clear water pipes.


Finally, there is a place where we can walk along the beach, not like Malaysia where they don’t really develop those kind of area.


These shops must be open later at night.


The beach of Ao Nang again. That’s it for today. We have found a Starbuck coffee place where we can charge our electric stuff, and use wifi. Today is blogging time again. I’m still running late! See ya!

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