Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) camping area > Tennant Creek (105km, 4h25)


I did start very early this morning. Last night was very windy and I hope strongly that it would be the same today as the wind comes from east/southeast. It shook my tent the whole night! At 6:15am, I’ve started packing. At 6:45am, I was on the road :-) The road towards Tennant Creek is still straight and I’ve seen a lot of campervan overtaking me. Then, one more car overtaken me and this time I knew who it was. I met those guys in Alice Springs less than a week ago front of the library. We left Alice the next day at the same time. They firstly went south to visit Uluru and Kings Canyon. We knew they would pass me on their way to Darwin around yesterday or today.


Devils marbles Cycling



I’ve done it! The sun is still below the horizon and I’m on track.


The camping area is still asleep :-)


Oups, not everyone.


I should have read the informations about this place yesterday but I was occupied fixing my tire. I thought about staying another night as well but I want to take advantage of this bloody wind!




Still the same kind of road.


These are termite nest. From what Bez (our guide from Alice) told us. Their height depends of the water level. This road is supposed to flood at some time of the year so the termites would build their nest in regards of the water level which can be quite high sometimes. There are over 300 species of termite in Australia, but only a handful of these are likely to attack your house and are capable of causing significant damage.  The main pest species are classed as subterranean termites which mean they typically spend most of their time underground only becoming visible when they start to cause significant damage.


The 80km break time :-)

Shortly after the break, a car pull over the road and I’ve recognized the travellers I met in Alice :-) I don’t even have all your names… What a pity! More than two person at the same time and I can’t remember all. We spend a short time along the road as the traffic was still going on at that time. It’s only 11:30! And thanks for the chocolate guys! If the next day, no one give me some food I will start to miss it haha.


I’ve made finally the last 25km to get to Tennant Creek. Cool! I thought about stopping before the city but I did not see any rest area as shown on the simple map I have. Might be a mistake or a misinterpretation.


Here they are :-) From right to left: Luckas (Swedish guy), Ludovic, Maryline and Ted (from France) and finally myself. What a shame to miss some names when I’m writing about someone. Next time we see each other I will repair that mistake.


It’s now 4pm and they are all gone. They drove further north when I’m looking for a place to stay for the night.


This is the main street of Tennant Creek.


Cycling around and around, I’ve found this stadium where women are learning baseball. I’ve got some chips, a place where to sit and entertainment :-)


And quickly, the sun disappeared. Where should I go now?


I’ve been turning around a bit more and finally came back where I watched the baseball late this afternoon. It’s not gonna rain tonight so I will use only mattrees and sleeping bag and sleep on the bench. Yep! good night ;-)

3 thoughts on “Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) camping area > Tennant Creek (105km, 4h25)

  1. Je comprends que tu ne puisses pas retenir tous ces prénoms, pour eux c’est plus simple car tu voyages seul ! Lol. Jolis levers et couchers de soleil !

  2. Hi Damien, your doing well… Try to visit Douglas Hot Springs on your way past.. If not Mataranka is good (but too popular) … Enjoy !!! If you have time please call us from Darwin before you leave Australia !! I plan to ride/tour on Motorbike in Malaysia next April/May ….

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