Kampung Sungai Sudah Muar, Chinese temple > Melaka, Ringo’s foyer guest house (73km)


Back to Malacca today! This is where we are going to split. Kate, Arjan and Pee Ta will stay two nights and then will continue their trip. Personally I want to stay minimum a week to work on my blog. I did not take any picture along the road today for two reason: One, I’ve been in the area before and there was nothing really exciting about today. Two, Kate and Arjan want to stay on the road number 1 all the way to Thailand which is the opposite of what I do when I’m cycling by myself. I normally try to avoid this busy and noisy roads. There is nothing to see along the way… Fortunately, the Ringo’s Foyer guest house, a backpacker where cyclists can stay for free, was worth it :-) This place is very nice, like a big home. Many things are broken too so I will have some work to do here, nice :-)



We covered 73km today and arrived finally front of the backpacker. I’ve seen this place before when I was in Malacca previously but this was much more expensive (I thought) than the backpack where I’ve stayed previously.


That’s the street from the backpacker. The haze is still around, it’s very bad…


Straight away, there is a kind of hippie style going on here.


Every stairs say welcome in different languages.


No shoes allowed in the backpacker.


The owner of this place is a tourer himself, this is very easy to understand :-)


There is bicycle all around the place actually.


That’s one room but cyclists stay on the roof. Of course if they want more comfort they will pay to get a room. That’s not my kind :-) The roof sounds very nice to me!


Nearly there :-)


The last stairs and…


The view! Well… It could be much better without that thick grey layer.


I guess Pee Ta is very happy to have done her first step as a cyclist and must be tired. I’m quite tired too actually because I haven’t slept enough the last few nights.


I’m visiting the other side of the terasse now.


I think they need some maintenance here. That “roof” layer seems very sad. The plants seems very sad too. I might stay maybe two weeks here :-)


The view onto the street with the bloody haze…


The clothes lines and some hippie paints :-)


A hammock or kind of. It doesn’t seem to be very safe. That orange room has been built by backpackers and used to be a bar. Now it’s a bedroom for cyclists.


For now I will leave my stuff here and will sleep on the over side of this white fence between a wall and a bunch of plants. That way, I will feel I’m sleeping in the nature :-) Tomorrow I’ll do nothing but sleep! See ya :-)

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