Jindabyne > Monaro highway (89km, 5h50)

Today is a windy day and fortunately on my side. I let Akihiko in Jindabyne, he was taking his bus to Canberra this morning. On my side, the trip is far to be finished and I’ve got a lot to see.


Few! I don’t know how far I’m gonna go today because with the 100km we did yesterday my legs are sore. It’s not awful but I feel it’s hard to start. I still wondering which way I’m gonna take because there is one way with a huge downhill following by a valley and another huge uphill. This road would be 200km. On the other way, I can come back to Bombala and then the coast which is 300km but it’s progressively downhill with lots of up and downs. And there is some villages when the first way I will be by myself for 3 days in a row. I’ve got more time to make a choice. So first, by Jindabyne!

I’ve finally chose the long way with lots of up and downs. I’m actually cycling on the opposite way as I should and I’m fighting against the wind. But I know, later, if the wind continues blowing this way, it will be a good help. Let’s hope!

These landscape are vast and dry.

First time I see a machine like this in Australia :-)

The wind is now on my left side. It’s a bit better.

This is what I call a downhill :-)

And it’s always followed but a uphill… rah! Some day I would dream to go down the hills only!

Pure Australian landscape :-)

Hooo, some wind mills. This is nice :-)


Even very nice :-)

There is on this hill 59 windmills!

After another huge downhill and about 30min cycling, I can still see the windmills. They look always majestic at anytime even some people hate them.

Finally I’ve done over 80km today and I’m now looking for a spot for the night. No I won’t sleep with these guys.

The white one is thinking: “Should I run or not?”.


Apparently, this place used to be a train station a long time ago. Sheep are camly waiting for the bloody train to come!

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