Edith falls, day off


One more day off :-) Looks like I’m becoming very lazy these last days. I’ve got so much time front of me so I take the time to visit around. A good thing is, there is stuff to visit around so that’s perfect. Perfect timing as always! Today, I’m gonna walk around Edith falls. There is a path running around and apparently there is more pools where we can swim. Let’s do it!


I’m proud of my campsite spot :-) Grass, a table, clothes line, shade. There is everything!

It’s like 9am, the good time to do the walk before it gets too hot.

So, I will cross the bridge on the bottom side of the big pool. Then I walk all around to the top pool and walk down on the west side. That’s the plan :-)


The view from the bridge.

Still from the bridge but looking at the big pool, Edith Falls I guess.

Let’s walk up.

The path is nice and the temperature is still fresh :-)

5 minutes later I’m already quite high and I can see the campsite down there through the trees.

A rocky part.

Don’t twist your ankle here!

Let’s see the lookout.

That the second pool :-)

And another part of Edith Falls.

A tiny triangle view down towards the valley.

Panorama from the lookout.

Larger with the pool down stairs.

The water looks fresh!

I’m walking down stairs to the third pool.

A different point of view.

Hello :-)

This is the second pool again.

Let’s have a short break and enjoy that nice quiet place.

The third pool in an intimate view.

I could continue and follow the normal path but I’ve decided to climb up a bit further to see the other pools.


The water is alive!

I got my waterproof backpack with me so I could put all my stuff in : shoes, camera, towel,… and throw the bag in the water. Then I crossed the third pool and climbed this falls. Looks good from here.

This is the third pool from a higher point of view.

And this is the fourth pool :-) Do you still follow?

Yes, it all look quite the same in those picture so you need to come here to enjoy like I do.

I’m looking back and the fourth pool is behind these rocks. Here, the area is more flat.

That’s up stream now.

There is some interesting tiny flowers here. They are two to three centimetres wide and they are covered with tiny drop of water.

That’s nice :-)

Some other flowers around.

Another kind.

And more :-)

This is the third pool again, the one with the two bridges. I could continue walking up for ever I imagine but there is no goal to do that so I’m coming back to the “public” area. There is a lot of people here now. I think this is THE tourist spot of Edith Falls.

During the wet season this holes are obviously in the water. But look their shape! This is like to big cylinder digging the rock decades after decades. The water must spin in like a washing machine!

After have had a break reading next to the river I’m walking up the other side of it to continue and finish the walk.

The falls between the fourth and the third pool (The one I’ve climbed).

Along the path, there is another lookout. This time we can see the first main big pool and the bridge on the background.

Hey, looks like this logs could be the right one to make a Didgeridoo.

So, I guess it’s that kind of tree.

Let’s go down the hill now.

The loop is done :-)

That’s it for today. I’m going to cook my lunch, clean my bike and read under the shade. What a tiring program ;-) Tomorrow, I will be back on the road!

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  1. Et tu ne t’es pas baigné ?? C’était tentant non ? A moins que l’eau n’était trop froide, maintenant que tu t’es habitué aux sources d’eau chaude !!

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