Dunmarra campsite, second day off

Another lazy day today and I enjoy :-) I wish I would have some connection or Wifi here to update my blog. Steve asked to the roadhouse and the woman said it’s broken. In fact we can see the Wifi signal but we can’t use it. Rah! For once, I’m on a good spot, stay a bit longer and there is a problem with internet. Bad luck! Or maybe it’s good luck. It means I should not think about my blog and just do nothing!

My last options is: to sleep, to eat or to read. I can sleep tonight. I don’t have much things to eat and it cost a lot here. The last option is to continue a book I’ve started a while ago :-)

And when it’s too hot, I will have a dip in that swimming pool!

Apparently the water is very cold but it’s very hot sooo… I’ll have a try :-)

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