Dumai (10km) > ferry express (~120km, 1h20) > Malacca (5km)


I’ve been telling that story for a while now: “I’m going to Dumai to catch a ferry to Malacca, Malaysia”. I’ve learned how to say it in Indonesian: “Saya mau pergi Dumai dan ferry di Malacca, Malaysia”. Today is the day, I got there :-) This morning we did a photoshoot with the family, friends and neighbours. The man I met yesterday, his wife and their son guided me through to city. Firstly we went to the place where to purchase the ferry ticket (300.000 IDR about $30 AUD) and then to the ferry station. I don’t know the address as I was following the guy through the city on his scooter. Few minutes later I was going towards Malacca at a pretty fast speed. The trip last around 1 hour and 20 minutes. When arrived I pass through the immigration. It was much faster than I thought it would be! That’s cool! Then I’ve cycle to my accommodation where I will stay few days and especially work on my blog. I took some time to have a short visit of this new city.



The kids are ready to go to school :-)


Family, neighbours and friends all together :-)


The daughter of the Man I met yesterday and the neighbour.


The ferry leaves at 10am every day. I’m just on time, ready to go :-)


The staff helped me to fit my bike downstairs in one piece. Get it out of here will certainly be pain in the “bip”. Fortunately today the ferry is empty downstairs. You might be able to fit 2 or 3 bikes between the two exit upstairs but they would be in the middle. I don’t know, in that case, if any bicycle would be accepted.


Fiouu! This ferry is not called express for nothing! So quick!


I did not check the time but it might took an hour to get on the other side. Or maybe a bit more than this. “Welcome to Malaysia”. Thank you :-)


This is where the mission starts. How long this is going to take? How many months I am allowed to stay here? How much does it cost? I’m going to find out soon.


Whouaaa! finally the immigration process was really efficient. 20 minutes later, I was out. They check my luggage with the x-ray machine and did not asked me to open any bag. My bike was quite dirty but they did not bother. I can stay in Malaysia 3 months and for free! That’s a very good new :-) It’s pretty hot here. Let’s go to the accommodation I’ve booked.


Very very different here. The chinese culture seems to be very present here.


I feel in the south of France sometimes.


Or maybe in Italy, or las vegas? This is all mixed here.


I will spend the next few day in here, a dormitory of 8 beds. It’s quiet, very clean, close to the centre and cheap, 15 Ringgit per night (1$AUD = 3 Ringgit).


The guy let me fit my bike and trailer inside. That’s good :-)


I’ve been next door to eat my first Malaysian meal. Noodle soup with some stuff I don’t even know what it is but it’s good :-)


A nice little river is cutting the city centre of Malacca (Melaka here).


Lots of flours along.


It’s very cute here actually.


There is apparently a company who does tours on boats.


The pigeon square as the people I met at the backpacker called it. I think that’s a good name ;-)


Fortunately I’m walking because my bike would not fit here.


Lot’s of chinese shops and restaurants here. I’ve seen lots of Indians too. Melaka is multicultural. I don’t know which language to speak now. When I try Indonesian (which is very close to Malay) people don’t seem to get what I say. I think they expect me to speak english that’s why. The countryside will be certainly different.


And to finish that visit, a road near the centre that looks like real Asia to me :-) So much advertising sign everywhere! Crasy! See ya!

8 thoughts on “Dumai (10km) > ferry express (~120km, 1h20) > Malacca (5km)

  1. Yey! You are in new country! Malaysian government is generous to give a visa for free, I am surprised.
    Malacca is a pretty place so far. You are going to eat yummy food everyday, Malaysia has a good reputation. (so as other countries. better than in Australia for sure.)

  2. Hi was it hard to catch The ferry I will be going to Kuala Lumpur in April and need to get to dumai for a wedding and then back again to fly to Phuket what way would you re commend. ? Cheers

    1. Hey Andrew, catching the ferry was not hard at all. Unfortunately I don’t have the timetable because someone helped me to get to Malacca. I just paid my ticket and then the guy brought me to the ferry. You have the immigration office to go through and that’s it! I’m not sure but I think there is one ferry every day at 10am going from Malacca and Dumai. You must verify this :-)

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Thanks :-)

      I’m cycling, not motorcycling. I don’t know if you can take put your motorcycle in the ferry from Malacca to Dumai (Indonesia). It would fit but I’m not sure if they allowed this. You can try to find some information about the ferry that goes from Singapore to Malaysia. It might be a bigger one I don’t know.

      Then from Indonesia to Australia. I would look about East Timor to Darwin. I did fly from Darwin to Bali so one more time I’m not sure if it would work.

      I know many people look for ferries around these area.



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