Desa Sepahat (dormitory school) > Dumai (58km)


This is my last day cycling in Indonesia! I will get as close as possible to Dumai today so tomorrow morning I will catch the ferry to Malaysia. I stayed part of the morning with the students team and after breakfast hit the road towards Dumai. I stopped in a Warung for lunch and the rain start shortly after that. Lucky me! Finally I got to Dumai and during I was looking for a spot I met a guy who offered me to sleep at his house. Indonesia is too easy to travel to!



This is now 6 or 7 this morning and students are awake already.


This is the dormitory, carpets :-) Actually I’ve slept very well. The guys at the corner of the room are preparing the breakfast.


I hope I did not take the space of those two guys. They are still asleep, shuuut…


That’s breakfast time. The team prepared nasi goreng (fried rice).


This mini cat is I guess very hungry and always turn around the food. The relationship between cats and people in Indonesia is different. They don’t really care about them (as you can see). One of the students said: “this is Indonesian cat, made in Indonesia”. At least this one has a tale!


I put my bike out of the room so we clan clen inside.


This is the school. I don’t know the function of these of buildings, maybe just classroom.


On this side there is the showers/toilets and an other building.


The students team! I’m going to leave after that and let behind very nice guys. Thank you for your invitation is was very pleasant. I had very good time :-)


This is it, I’m back on the road. Looks like the rain is waiting for me over there.


This road is not the best one I’ve done but the principal is I’m getting closer to my final destination!


Very flat here and not much to see.


Ok, this is time for lunch, I’m hungry!


The kids from this warung and next door turned around for a while before they dare to ask for “fotos”. They were checking their english lessons and then talk to me :-) Ah ah, funny. That’s good guys, you realise that english is useful :-)


Funny faces :-)


Hop hop hop, this is not the write time to move on…


Rain rain rain…


I like the design of the buss :-)


Let’s have a break at the pertamina station and avoid a rain shower again :-)


I’ve looked on the map, left the main road and cycled towards the coast like expecting to find a quiet place. In fact I did ended here where there is so many boats, houses and people. At least, I’ve visited around.

I was on my way back to the main road where I’ve seen previously a building under construction. I thought I could easily fit my bike inside and sleep on the ground for the night. But I did not have the time to try because I met a guy on my way back who asked me what I was looking for. I said “two trees” ah ah. He showed me a large field that I’ve seen earlier but there was no trees I could use. Then he told me that if I wanted, I could follow him at his house. ok, thank you, I like this :-)

One more time, I met a very nice family. They have a nice house in a pretty district. Unfortunately it’s close to a petrol refinery but from their place you can not see it and even smell it. I had a good evening and and a nice carpet onto what to sleep. Actually this was a thin mattrees this time, even better! Good night :-)

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