Where I am now

Hey, I’m Damien, from France. I’m travelling by bicycle since June 2012. The original plan was to stay and cycle around New Zealand for one year, which I did and really enjoyed. Now, more than 4 years later, I’m still on the move :-) I have no idea when it is going to end which is good! I’m now settled in Cambodia since June 2016. I will stay approximately a year or more to save enough money and then keep heading towards Japan, cycling through Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Korea. Nothing is truly planned (which is the best by the way) so I could change my mind anytime! I don’t know. Welcome to this journey. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers! Dam


23422 8km (Siem Reap)

  • +5925km (commuting until Siem Reap Aug)
    • New Zealand 450km
    • Australia 3530km
    • Indonesia 200km
    • Malaysia 635km
    • Singapore 400km
    • Thailand 342km
    • Laos 121km
    • Cambodia, Siem Reap Jun 85km, Jul 80km, Aug 80km, Sept
  • +4392km (car, Miri)
  • +4904km (bus, Lao bridge 3 back to Thailand)
  • +302km (train, Ampang 62, Rachaburi Bangkok return 240)
  • +597km (Ferry to Thailand)
  • +29149km (plane, KL to Borneo return)

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