Step, Westport > Wellington (582km, 12 days)

The variety trip :-) Cycling, ride on the heaphy track, hiking in Abel Tasman, freeze in Picton, ferry to Wellington, Meting Cyril and Valerie :-)

Marahau > Abel Tasman track return > Motueka (25km, 1h30)

Hey, the sun is coming back today and the timing is nice for me. Marahau is situated next to the Abel Tasman National park. It’s a famous place where hundreds of tourists come every summer and even every year. At this time of the year now, the track is certainly much less crowded, a good opportunity for me to visit it today :-) I won’t do all the track because I would have need at least two days but I could walk simply one hour and come back. It’s better than nothing so Let’ go!

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Marahau, rainy day off, again…

Pfiouuu! I hope that rain is going to disappear soon… Now it’s better so I took the occasion to go out and have a walk. It was raining almost all the night and all the morning. I don’t have so much food left and no water… I don’t like that. I’m going the the city centre, if there is one, to buy some pasta so I could survive until tomorrow if it’s still raining :-)

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Takaka > Marahau (64km, 4h20)

Today looks much better than yesterday and I’m ready to go. I’ve cleaned my chain (again), cleaned and repaired my big yellow bag (there was a small hole on the bottom). All my clothes are dry and clean, even my shoes :-) All my electronic stuff is charged (tablet, kobo, GPS, camera, solar battery, Gopro, shaver) and I’m clean and shaved! I think I’m so ready to climb the Takaka hill today! Let’s go!

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Takaka, rainy day off

Foua! It rained during all the night and it still the same today. I wanted to take a day off, I have it sure! There is even thunder, the first time I see that since I’m here. The rain becomes heavier and heavier every minute and I’m wondering how many hours my tent will stand up… And tonight, I’m going to sleep in it again, surrounded by all the water and mud. Aïe Aïe Aïe!

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