Step, Cap Reinga > Auckland (531km, 8 days)

First loop looped!

Dargaville, day off

After a long trip yesterday, I prefer to have a break and Karl told me that it should rain today… Dargaville is maybe not the best city to visit but I can find a internet cafe :-). This morning, as every day, I wake up at 7.30am. I would like to spend more time in my “bed” but it’s not so comfortable so finally I prefer to have an entire journey doing something useful. I didn’t take so many pictures today because I spend most of the day on internet to find a way how to be faster when I add a new day in this blog. Actually the pictures I take with my camera are to big so I need to use an online program to resize them. I like to take 16:9 pictures but this format use only the largest pixel’s number, grr! I think it’s not fair from Canon. Acting like this, they are almost sure that we use this mode, so we need bigger memory cards. Not cool canon, it’s not cool! Ok so I wanted to find another way and improve my blog but I almost break it. The solution now : I’m going to use Gimp (a free photoshop) to resize automatic all my pictures in 3 clicks :-). I will earn so much time and save so much money. This month I’ve spend 70$ in internet cafe. It’s really too expensive here. It’s 1$ for 10 minutes and in the camps the computers are really slow so I pay for wait. Grr! I know it’s not the most important thing to read but I wanted to write it :-). I would like to spend less time on internet and continuing to collect souvenirs.

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Opononi > Dargaville (87km, 5h)

This morning for the first time, since the beginning of this trip, my tent is dry. Ouha very important news but everyday I pack my tent when it’s wet and it’s getting to smell moisture. I need to clean it :-). But anyway I eating my energy for the morning and Karl is already ready to go, it’s 8am. He is going to Dargaville today and I think I will do the same so we will meet in the next camp :-). Ok, I have now all the necessary energy to ride 87km and it’s 9pm so here we go! Today I will pass through Waipoua Forest, the highest point is around 400m, gloups.

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