Step, Sydney > melbourne (1350km, 18days)

Here is the first part of my trip from Sydney to Melbourne in 18 days. I’ve really enjoyed that trip: The departure with Robin, Stan, Daniel Jose Marie, the champagne (haha), meeting Wendy twice in Wollongong and Melbourne, Tim and his family in Cooma, Alain and Jean the crazy cyclists, Akihiko with who I’ve been cycling to the top of Australia! Wow! So many things :-) The weather were really pleasant and not too cold apart two days with rain and few days with a light headwind. I can say, I’m very lucky :-)

Yarragon > Pakenham (66km, 3h50)


Baaah! Such a bad day… I feel I will never arrive to Melbourne. This morning, a thick layer of clouds was covering the sky but no rain. I was finishing my breakfast in my tent when few drops appeared. Oups! It’s time to pack as fast as possible. 15 minutes later I was ready to go but the rain intensified itself until I was soaking wet. My shoes add two swimming pool filled with cold rainwater and my waterproof gear (Jacket + pant) doesn’t last long under the rain… After 30 minutes cycling I could fill the water coming through. Then I’m stuck in Yarragon and hope the weather to get better…
Finally around 5pm, the rain stopped or at least reduced and I hit the road again expecting to do as much as possible and avoid to have 100km to cycle tomorrow! I’m ready to cycle at night for a bit.

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Monaro Highway > Victoria border (70km, 5h)

Looks like the rain is coming back for today. Plus, the wind might not be on my favor anymore. Well, I’ve chose this road now I will ride on it ar any price. It’s bloody cold as well as the wind comes from the south (Antarctica). I’d love being able to ride 90km like yesterday so I could reach the coast in a bit more than 3 days but it’s a tough challenge. As well as I said to Wendy that I will do my best to join her and Peter for Easter. Wow! I don’t think I will be one time… I will try!

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Jindabyne to Kosciuszko summit (100km return, 6h15)

This was not in my plan at all but today I’m riding with Akihiko to the top of Australia ;-) It doesn’t look like because the maximum altitude is about 2200m and there is no sharp summit around. I let my trailer in a kind of park at the entrance of Jindabyne. I’ve covered it with some branch and trunks. I’m sure it will be fine. Today we have something like 1200m to climb along 50km and we will come back. This is the idea :-)

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