Bunga Raya > Sungai Selari (53km)


Hey, that’s another day today (of course!). I had breakfast with the family I met yesterday night then I was cycling in an area where there was lots of beautiful houses. At lunch time I met a family who owns a warung and then move to the house of the brother. He showed me many things about his culture and also how to prepare halal meat. I think I should definitely stop eating meat… This evening I found a spot in a field next to mosque between two palm trees and set up my campsite until two guys came to me. That was not the police, only two young guys who wanted “fotos” ah ah. Sorry, but my hammock is for one person only, you must go back home :-) Indonesian are too friendly sometimes :-)



Yesterday, we went to bed (I slept on two bench :-) around 23pm. This morning 5am the father was already up! I couldn’t live here! I would love two sleep 2 hours longer but this is not possible. This is why I prefer to be by myself sometimes because I’m free to do whatever I want when I decide. At 5:30 my bike was out, the kids had breakfast and some people, maybe friends, start coming. The day has started but me, not really yet… I had some breakfast as well and then get ready.


The father, mother and their last baby. They have already three girls.


Same but different :-)


Every day when I start at 8am I think I should start earlier. This morning is not a problem until I met a bunch of guys who came from behind. They were four with two scooters. Firstly they asked simple questions and then one of the guys recorded a video with his phone and his friends made like an interview haha. That was serious stuff haha. We spent a good 30 minutes talking about Indonesia, the people, the country, France, my trip, everything. They were obviously very happy with that and I finally I left not that much earlier as normally hahaa.


The Indonesian bush!


I like this one :-) I guess there is a school somewhere or maybe Einstein was buried in this area.


Ah, nope, that’s a school :-)


Houuu, very nice little house.


Very cute I would have to say.


Ok, last one.


That’s not a house this one but a mosque. I’d like to know how come they decide of the size of the dome? Is it a question of money? Apparently, from what I’ve seen previously it’s not related with the size of the mosque. Well, it is but not regards the small one.


Another house with a different style.


It is covered with tiles.


Again, another wooden house that looks cool.


Where we are here, start wars again? This is stylish!


Another wooden one.


Closer look.




This one is different again. People are very creative around this area.


Suddenly I quited the “forest” and got in an wide open area.


Very vast…


A brownish river bed.


This is a school. Children have a lot of open space as well, this is nice.


This is too hot now and I’m getting hungry. I found this nice warung in a tiny village and will stop here few 4 or 5 hours.


Quickly I met the owner (the woman on the right hand side, Dawi) and a friend of her who came to have a drink.


Then, her brother ALi came in. He speaks well english and has been in Malaysia many times. He likes travelling around. He said that in this area, people make good money and because there nothing around they can not spend it. So they build their house. Ali prefers to travels :-)


Dawi and her husband.


The traveller :-)


I’ve stayed maybe two hours in the warung and when I met Ali he invited me visit his house for the afternoon. Well, why not. He told me that he lives 1 kilometre away from his sister’s warung. I accepted and followed him by bike. Finally when we arrived I’ve done more than 4 kilometres! Ok, it’s nothing, but if I stop during lunch time it’s because it’s too hot. I had to suffer for few minutes. Of course he did not realised the distance because by car 4 kilometres is nothing especially when you get the air con :-)


We came to is backyard and Ali said he had to friends who were here to kill a sheep. When I arrived I’ve seen the guys going a bit further with the sheep and Ali followed them with a big knife. 40 minutes later the sheep looks like apericube…


His little daughter have certainly seen this more than once and seems to be interested of what is doing daddy.


Ali show me many fruits I’ve never seen before like this Rambutan tree.


Is that eatable? That’s the first reaction european have right?


Well, how do I eat this?


It’s colorful but not very attractive…


But as soon as you open it, the inside fruit looks like a litchi.


Actually the taste is like litchi and there is the same kind of stone. It’s juicy, not as sweet as litchi but very nice :-)


Then come this fruit… The smell is so strong and to me it smells like vomit. The problem is it taste like the smell… Sorry, this one I cannot. It’s name is nangka (jackfruit). Ali told me another name like “cempuda” but after some research I’ve conclude that is it a jackfruit. That’s a long time I wanted to try this one. It will be the last I guess.


Ali and his youngest daughter.


Around 4pm, I came back to Dawi’s warung to say goodbye and then leave.


We had a sceance of picture naturally :-)




A neighbour who came around for the occasion haha.


And I’m back on the road. I want to ride at least 10 km before night.


And night is coming fast!


No, no that’s ok, I’ve got some time.


The sunset from a bridge.


Finally I’ve found a spot in field next to a mosque. From the road I did not notice that the ground was completely destroyed. There big holes, and tall grass, and water on the right hand side of my campsite. When I started to push my bike in that stuff and arrived halfway I just continued. I was a bit lazy to come back on the road and find another place.


Before I got here, I asked to a woman who was at the front of the mosque if there was not any problem for them and for me to stay here. The woman said “no” so this is why I’m here now :-) Tomorrow morning I will certainly woke up very early when the guy will start to pray.


I was nearly ready to go to bed when I saw two shadows coming in my direction… The police? Nope, simply two guys I’ve seen earlier on the road. They followed me and wanted to get some pictures…


Ah yes, and his friend too of course. Then they left, I started taking a kind of shower and brushed my teeth when I’ve seen another shadow coming in my direction. Again? the police? Nope, still the same guy who came back because he did not like the picture we took previously with his phone so he asked to use mine lol. We did the same photos again…

This time I was nearly ready to lie in my hammock when guess what, another shadow came to me! That was still the same guy (the one with the red t-shirt). What’s happening again?? Are you an artistic director who did not like the black background? In fact, taking photos at night, it’s a bit hard to have something fancy, lol. No, no, no, I was wrong, the guy came back to me to offer me his hat, so I will remember him :-) I will man, I will! No worries ah ah ah. Thank you for your kindness and good night :-)

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