Ban Nong Bua Khok > Ban Kok Lurk (54km)


Today is the last day I’m cycling on a “quiet” road. It’s not quiet all day, there is still some big trucks but mainly it’s still enjoyable. I’m approaching the highway I left at Khon Kaen by doing a detour. Even before this city, when I was cycling on that same highway, the traffic was very light and the road very wide. There was no really big cities too so I didn’t feel I should absolutely another way. There was a lot of Amazon Café along this road too. But of course I’m getting closer and closer to Bangkok and the traffic density is increasing. It’s like a funnel and I can not really avoid it unless I do a huge detour. Anyway, I’ve got about 80km of highway coming, so in two days I will be able to get out of the traffic. Let’s enjoy this last “quiet” day then :-)





I know now why I was fine yesterday, why no dogs came around. I was protected! Well ,at least by the two lions because this duck… Or maybe because it’s a GIANT duck? That could be scary right? A GIANT, ANGRY Duck! Thanks guys!


This morning, I took my breakfast at the local petrol station’s restaurant. They often have different dish. The price goes from 35 to 50baht. Mainly when I eat before getting to the petrol station I multiple my chance to pay 30-35 baht and sometimes I have even more food in my plate. This morning I haven’t been attracted by any local restaurant so I have my breakfast on the spot. I’m lucky because I can get the Wi-Fi from the café so I don’t have to pay for a drink there. I will move only after lunch to charge my stuff. I know it’s a boring story right now but not everything is interesting all the time! I tell you the truth, I tell you how it’s possible to live cheap every day AND enjoying it :-) Simple life!


Hop! After lunch, I moved few metres and I’m now in the Amazon. Can you feel that? Not really in this one. The trees are still too young. I think this petrol station is fairly new.


I didn’t even have to move my bike as I put in a strategic spot, just between the restaurant and the café :-)


That’s time to move forward a bit. I try to capture my shadow projected on the side but it’s not easy. The camera doesn’t “see” it as clearly as I do.


Second try…


That might be the best I can do today.

I kept on cycling for a little while this late evening. The next checkpoint being 56km away from where I left the last petrol station. I wanted to get as close as possible tonight. I pushed as far as 40km this afternoon until dark. Finally, I left the main road and, only a kilometre later, found an empty field with an open access. There was 2 trees with the perfect space between them and even 6 concrete poles mixed all together with the trees. I used the trees because their flexibility make the hammock more comfortable. I’m pretty sure I will have a good night here. Cheers!

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