Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong > Wat San Wilai (61km)


Today is THE day! The windy, hilly road is in front of us. All we have to do is smash it! Actually it was easier than I imagined. During the climb we could even enjoyed some downhill. The steepness of the road was gentle and the traffic, a part few trucks, was mainly quiet. After two and a half hours (including break time), we reached the summit and visited… a temple, of course. Monks (and religions in general) have good taste. They always build temples on hills, close to the water or anywhere we can see them.



That’s finally at the top of the hill that we visit the first place today, a temple.


This kind of entrance (with stairs) is much more common in this area. Naturally it’s not flat like the rest of Thailand.


This temple has a bright white chedi visible from far away.


Wide view.


I did not visit further this place because these temples kind of look all the same for most of them. I’m just waiting, under the shade, for Pita to visit around.


Back on the road, well, on the dirty road I should say.


There is more rubbishs here than few metres away. Is it because of the sign. Is it a rebel’s action? Sad…


Finally we can enjoy a bit if downhill.


Later, we caught a tiny river to cycle next to.


Dry, very dry.


Even that shed looks dry.


We approach a city where we will have lunch and a rest.


Finally we didn’t have a full lunch, just a drink and some snacks we carried. Then we kept on going until we found a temple where to have a rest. Pita has some trouble with her gear system so I have a look.


She couldn’t use the last gear. After some tweaks here and there the problem is solved.


Around 5pm we went back on the road again for the last step of the day. A young monk we met this afternoon recommended us to visit this temple. Well, we are not going to climb this mountain now. The view from here is enough. This statue represents a notorious monk who did very good things for the region. I don’t know what he did but it must be respectful.


At the top of the hill (again) the main temple.


I’ve seen lots of roof made with bamboo and straw but that’s only recently I’ve discovered this technique.


They squeeze leaves between two bamboo frame and let them dry like this. It’s quite clever! Not as aesthetic than straw but the result is the same: that protects from the rain. Maybe not heavy one though.


These are the trees used to make this type of roof.


They have very large leaves.


Back on the road again. I’ve seen that shortcut on Maps. Looks nice


We are in the middle of the fields.


Sometimes Maps doesn’t work as it should be. To verify if that road was useable, I chose the “car way direction”. Many drivers must have been surprised when they discovered that bridge…


Anyway, bicycle can go anywhere :-)


Further along the road, another temple with a prestigious entrance.


Mountain landscape.


Sunset. That’s time to eat and then find a spot where to sleep! See you tomorrow well, for the next update I should say :-)

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  1. The photo which you are resting under the tree…. I couldn’t recognize you at first. I thought Thai farmer was resting.
    You are blending in to the culture now.. :-)
    I love the mountain pictures. It gives me peace.

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