Ampang > Kuala Selangor Fireflies (70km)


This is it, finally after one week staying in Kuala Lumpur with Sabariah an Amir’s family, we are on the road again. Thanks for your welcome guys :-) It was nice! I wish we would spend less time front of our screen and more outside but we were sooo later on our blog. Today we want to reach a town where we can observe fireflies in their natural environment. Hope it’s nice.



We left at 8am this morning. We are travelling from east of KL to north west of the city trying to avoid as much traffic as we can.


Well, as usual any road road around a big city doesn’t suit for cyclist. Cars are fast and we must change our lane too often. We must be careful.


That’s finally around 40km later that we started cycling on an appropriate road with trees around (an ld lots of monkeys).


70km later we’ve reached the place we wanted too. It’s now too early for the fireflies tour which starts at 7:30pm until 10pm. It cost 53Rm for a full boat of 4 people. The tour last 30 minutes.


Let’s find a place where to sleep first. Not here. This area has been hit by flood recently. We have seen lots of palm oil field where the water was still here. We must find a good spot in case the rain comes back tonight.


We are going to sleep under the shed of a school. Tomorrow is Sunday so we will be fine. We asked to a guy there and he was okay. We have toilets, could take a shower and a roof for tonight. Now we are going to eat something and then come back to fireflies place.


Nasi goreng Pataya which means Fried rice covered with an omelette ;-)


Dinner was nice and not far from the entrance of the fireflies park where we are making the queue right now. Lots of people here!


Finally after maybe 20 minutes of queue, we took a safe jacket and jumped in a boat. We met Malay couple with who we share the price of the boat. Ready? See how wonderful these fireflies are! There is so many! They are along the river, staying on specific trees. It looks like christmas actually haha.

Yes I know it’s black because it’s night time :-) If you want to see them you must come here. Sorry my camera is not good enough.

See ya!

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  1. Ow… I thought I could see the fireflies like a fantasy world. At least you could have a nice Christmas experience.

    We have ‘Omelet rice’ in Japan as well. It looks same as your photo, Only difference is the rice, ours is chicken rice with tomato sauce flavor.

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