Ampang, Batu cave return (36km)


Now everything is fixed, we can leave Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning. This time IS the real one. Tomorrow we leave for sure. The place where I bought the filter is not far away from Batu cave so we decided to do that today more than tomorrow morning. Batu cave is free and just around the city centre of KL. Lots of people come here naturally.


The first impressive thing is this giant statue. Then, you realise how many stairs there is next to it :-)


Real or fake gold? Very detailed at least :-)


Here we go!


Less than half.


Nearly up there.


Enjoy your food mister monkey. ‘Hope you did not steal that!


The entrance of the cave is guarded.


Oh, I did not expect to walk that far inside. That’s nice.

This Indu temple is built by Indian people I guess.


Well, I don’t know what to think about this place. It’s all concrete. The lights in the centre feels like this is an industrial site. Maybe it’s not finished. I hope so. It would be good to have a nice paint on the ground with Indu patterns and some colourful lights on the walls. Would be much better than now to me.


The temple closer.


Finally we arrived upstairs and discover the last temple. There is nothing much special here. Monkeys play around and are shased by some angry men. We can see the sky up there. The place is not very clean. Those donation boxes on the right side look like rubbish bin. I wonder how do they use do ations here?


Last one for the style. What created the nature is wonderful but how humans exploit this place is not really respectful to me. You can do better guys. Bye!

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