Where I am now

Hey, I’m Damien, from France. I’ve been touring since June 2012. The original plan was to stay and cycle around New Zealand for one year, which I did and really enjoyed. We are now in 2019 and I’ve been living more than 3 years in Cambodia. From February 20th, I’ll be back on the road again, finally! I will keep heading towards Japan, cycling through Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Korea. Nothing is truly planned (which is the best by the way) so I could change my mind anytime! I don’t know. Welcome to this journey. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers! Dam.


23422 8km (Siem Reap)

  • + ~8000km (commuting until Siem Reap Aug)
    • New Zealand 450km
    • Australia ~3500km
    • Indonesia ~200km
    • Malaysia ~600km
    • Singapore ~400km
    • Thailand ~300km
    • Laos ~100km
    • Cambodia ~2500km
  • +4392km (car, Miri)
  • +4904km (bus, Lao bridge 3 back to Thailand)
  • +302km (train, Ampang 62, Rachaburi Bangkok return 240)
  • +597km (Ferry to Thailand)
  • +29149km (plane, KL to Borneo return)

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Siem Reap, renovating the inner garden

That’s the turn of the inner garden this time. Now I know I’ve got loads of pavements to use I’m going to make a border and add a new layer of dirt (from the ugly looking pile outside). First, the idea is to collect those rocks and use them somewhere else, then I will put the dirt in the garden and give some good energy to the plants. Let’s do this shall we :-)

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Siem Reap, renovating the entrance

Second big project: The entrance of the hostel. Same, it took me several days to fix this area and still, it’s not finished but the difference is largely visible already. Few years ago, the city made this road again. Like in Indonesia, they build on top of the old one which created a 30cm step. Since then, the owner never adapted the floor’s entrance. Let’s fix this :-)

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Siem Reap, cleaning the rubbish

Since Tina (the new manager) arrived, I’ve got a lot more motivation to help here. In fact, I didn’t like the last manager who didn’t give a shit about anything here. I might stay for a little while longer here and see what happens. This place needs a lot of care in cleaning, gardening, plumbing, electricity and other organisation. Since I’ve been here, I kept in mind all the things I would change or improve and today, I can finally do something :-) Let’s clean those dirty and smelly rubbish then! I’ve done this “project” during three different days but will show all the progress in this unique post.

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Kampot > Kep > Phnom Penh > Siem Reap


Yesterday we moved from Sihanoukville to Kampot by bus, arrived at the hotel then went out to eat something. Finally, we walked a bit in town, along the river and back to the hotel. Because I forgot my camera, I’ve got nothing to show you. Anyway, we organised for today, the last day, a trip to Kep before reaching the airport in Phnom penh. Kep is the best place to visit pepper farms. Many farms are biologic. The one where we went offers a roughly 15 minutes free tour around their property. The man who showed us around speaks English and French.

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